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CMS Based online content writing Web Application

The project is based on the Controle Management System principle, where the admin has the right to manipulate everything. Project main purpose is for editors to manage content that is for publishing as well as content that is already published. In order to fulfill certain tasks administrators and editors have admin section where tasks can be fulfilled. Taxonomies and content themes are fully optional and it is up to leaders to decide what that will be.


As for the article content management, editor is able to write,edit and delete one, when writing content there is content editor build in. Editor is able to manipulate text, implement media and so on. When uploading main article image cropping and resizing is engaged to reduce the size of the same image to certain size.


For users to be able to write comments they must be logged in. Comments are based on one level commenting system.

Commenting system

1.0 - Commenting system


Design is fully responsive. Also new web design technologies are used in this project, technologies such as Flexbox.

Technologies used








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